An Inexpensive Way to Lose Weight & Regain Your Health – Go Vegetarian!

A vegan lifestyle is better for many reasons, but what about your pocketbook? Eating vegetables, fruits, cereals, rice, and healthy foods is cheaper than eating meat. There are many reasons for this, but it has been said that producing a pound of beef can cost our precious natural resources of water, land, air, etc.

80 times more vegetables. Plus, by always doing what your mother and grandmother told you wisely, “eat your vegetables,” you will live a longer, healthier life and your doctor bills will be drastically reduced in a short period of time.

Other notable savings will be available daily. Beans, rice, and corn are inexpensive staples of a vegetarian diet. Once you eliminate meat from your shopping list, you will find that plant foods are much cheaper than even the cheapest hamburger. Even canned, poisonous tuna with mercury costs about $ 2 a pound; Compare it to a bag of dried beans or a packet of tofu, and the difference can be profound over the course of a few months.

The price of fruits and vegetables varies greatly depending on what you buy. Locally grown produce changes with the season. When you start buying organic products, the prices go up. Spending more on organic products gives you the confidence that these foods provide more nutrients and fewer chemical additives. Of course, the best and cheapest is your home!

The most important cost savings for us, as individuals and as a nation, will be our health and medical care system. Better nutrition will lead to better health, saving countless costs for your health care, but helping our nation get back on the right track. Years of malnutrition can lead to a variety of health and chronic diseases. Eating Right Now Will Save You A Lot Of Money As You Get Old – Compare The Price Of Open Heart Surgery Or The Medications And Medications You Will Take For High Blood Cholesterol And Other Heart Related Problems That Affect Our Nation Compared To Eating Carrots and healthy vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts.

The savings are clear! Even health insurance companies are objectively looking for vegan diets when people like Dr. Joel Forman and Dr. John McDougall demonstrate cost savings for so

An Inexpensive Way to Lose Weight & Regain Your Health - Go Vegetarian!

meone on a healthy vegan diet in exchange for standard prescription drugs and surgery! It just costs them less money when people stay healthy.

Health care costs in the United States total $ 2.4 trillion with the letter “T” and are growing about 6.7 percent each year. Insurance companies urge their clients to choose healthy lifestyles.

One of our most problematic areas is the growing number of people with heart disease. Research has shown that a vegetarian diet improves all things that lead to heart problems. Blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. According to a Blue Cross spokesperson, “The link between following a vegan diet and reducing the costs of these high-impact health conditions is very clear.”

The growing evidence of going vegan is more evident day after day. High prices for meat, dairy, poultry, fish, and eggs are one of the reasons. The inhumane treatment of these poor animals and livestock is another way, and the cost to our environment of producing animal products remains an overwhelming economic reason. But with all that said, the main benefit is your health and well-being. Be frugal in our environment, be good to your body, enjoy a healthy life, be vegan.

Forget all the food experts, especially the misinformation of those who say they know what to do to lose weight. All the diets that exist don’t work and it’s just “D-I-E ts” that will kill you. I have almost 60 years of health and fitness experience and have tried them all. What you need is a lifestyle change. This lifestyle change is going vegan.

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