The “Secret” Formula to Creating Optimal Health and Happiness

When it comes to improving health, several years ago I adopted a simple strategy to simplify the process, eliminate confusion, and focus my efforts. I refer to it as the “Wellness Formula”.

Wellness Formula is not a fad, a marketing hype, or the latest celebrity coach to become famous. I doubt we’ll see it as the basis for a reality TV show anytime soon!

The Wellness Formula is a brief summary of how we create optimal health and function, and how we get sick. This simple formula is based on sound and accurate science and includes all components of human physiology and functions.

Simply put, The Wellness Formula states that there are two basic requirements for health: pure and adequate lifestyle choices, and two causes for all diseases and chronic diseases: brief and toxic lifestyle choices.

What are “lifestyle choices”? Dr. James Chestnut of The Wellness Practice in Victoria, BC. There are three main categories of lifestyle: how we eat, how we move, and how we think. Obviously, there are many subcategories, such as sleep patterns, how we respond to stress, the products we use in our body and in our home, etc. All of these are included in the three main components of a lifestyle.

As humans, with a genotype that has not really changed for tens of thousands of years, we share the same innate genetic requirements for health. There are some raw materials that our ideal job requires. When something is required to create optimal health, it is a “pure” choice. Making sure we have enough is “enough.” Not having enough results in “deficiency” of that block. Things that take us directly away from health are considered “toxic.”

Our current level of health will always be the result of the choices we have made so far and the environment in which we have revealed ourselves. It is clear and accepted among leading scientists around the world that chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, depression, infertility, gastrointestinal disorders, attention deficit learning , etc., are the result of our environment: not genetics.

The Secret Formula to Creating Optimal Health and Happiness

There is no such thing as a fad diet, a correct fitness journal, or a correct path to happiness and balance. However, there can definitely be a specific dietary approach that is perfect for you to follow … now. There may be a specific exercise that will give you the results you are looking for … now. And there may be a way that you respond better to reduce stress, create balance, and nurture your soul … now. Everything is great!

There are countless experts who are wise and experienced in the fields of exercise and fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and spiritual and emotional gratification. I highly recommend working with several of them, they are talented people. I don’t think there is only one path to health and happiness.

I think we have to mix things up – health is a constant tide, remember? Try different programs, work with different trainers … as long as they all meet The Wellness Formula criteria, it will transport you to optimal health. If a specific approach does not meet the criteria for The Wellness Formula, discard it. It will not result in better health and function, and can harm you.

As human beings, we simply need an abundance of clean and proper food, a variety of stimulating daily movements, and healthy doses of love, gratitude, and loyalty.

This is the secret formula for a healthy and happy life … the formula for wellness!

Confused by overwhelming and often conflicting health information these days? Are you worried that your family is not as healthy as it should be? Feeling stressed, overworked … and overworked to make healthy, positive changes to your lifestyle? I’m here to help! My name is Dr. Colin Trumbley, also known as Dr. Mom Online. I have the ability to simplify health and help busy women restore balance in their lives. (Of course, everything I teach applies to men too! Don’t worry guys!)

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