Some Possible Bad Health Effects of Glcyerol

Glycerin is a liquid that is colorless and odorless, but has a sweet taste. In fact, sixty percent is like sweet table sugar (sucrose). But experts say it produces fewer calories. It does not increase the amount of glucose in the body like sucrose does. According to supporters of the low-carb diet, this is a huge plus. Sugar alcohols are the way biochemists classify a compound. That’s because it contains hydroxyl groups, three of them, and it has been said in organic chemistry that compounds that contain hydroxyl groups are classified as alcohols.

Suddenly we had a lot of supplements that contained glycerin. There are protein bars and nutrition bars that contain around 20 grams of the compound, and they can be higher in some. In a way, this has alarmed experts in the food and pharmaceutical industry. But what really is this substance and how does it affect health?

Glycerin is what you get from making soap in a lesser-known process called saponification, which will only interest someone with a background in chemistry. However, saponification is the reason you can enjoy soaps and detergents today. This process releases the compound as a by-product. Of course, there are more ways to gain substance. One is the production of biodiesel.

One of the outstanding and most important properties of the material is its water-absorbing or moisture-absorbing property. In terms of chemistry, it is said to be hygroscopic. This property makes it very useful in many products such as food, cosmetics, skin care, and medicine. Lotions and creams contain this compound due to its moisture retention benefits. Handmade soap also contains a lot. This is why these soaps are moisturizing soaps.

Food bars contain certain amounts of the substance to make them soft and chewy, unless shoppers like solid protein bars. These nutrition / protein bars are meant to be a low carb supplement. But if food and drug experts say that glycerin is an alcoholic sugar, then it belongs to the group of carbohydrates and should be included in calculating the total amount of carbohydrates in supplement bars or in any food product. This generates controversy because some promoters of these supplement bars argue that the compound should never be classified as a carbohydrate because it differs from most carbohydrates in function and structure.

Some Possible Bad Health Effects of Glcyerol


It was classified as carbohydrates only because there was nowhere else to put it underneath. There are three classes of macronutrients and they are protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Now, it cannot be placed under proteins because it does not contain an amine group. It cannot be applied under fat as it does not contain a fatty acid molecule. So the experts classified it as low carb.

Perhaps the only similarity it shares with other sugars is sweetness. Other than that, there is nothing similar between this and other sugars. For example, the hygroscopic nature is not characteristic of polysaccharides. Polysaccharides do not absorb water or moisture.

When this sugar alcohol enters the body, there are a few possible pathways. According to some research, it may be involved in the synthesis or production of glucose, although it fails to raise blood sugar levels significantly and does not stimulate insulin production significantly. So, in general, it is difficult to accept that it is a carbohydrate for some. Another route could be to incorporate the compound back into body fats, since it actually acts as a primary fat molecule, triglycerides. Another potential pathway is the synthesis of phosphoglycerides, which are found in the lipid bilayer of cell membranes. Another route would be direct excretion in urine.

According to some researchers, the hygroscopic nature of the compound helps delay dehydration in athletes during vigorous activity. It is not entirely clear how the compound affects the body. There is not enough research yet to confirm whether or not it is harmful to health. However, the compound remains one of the most important and versatile industrial chemicals.

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